Whether it’s a 1V1 session, group or team session EST provides high intensity, soccer specific, elite training for both male and females looking to take their game to the next level.   

How we train.


Sessions are customized and position specific to each individual player’s needs. This includes a combination of technical ball work (passing, receiving, dribbling, first touch and finishing), speed, agility/coordination, strengthening and conditioning training.

Group sessions

We keep our group sessions to a max of four players per session, ensuring each player is getting the necessary number of touches and repetitions. Our Group sessions are designed for players to compete and push each other, while getting the individual attention needed to develop. Each session is specifically designed based off the groups skill level. 


EST was not only created for individuals but to work with club/academy teams as well. We can work with coaches to run specialized team sessions focusing on areas the team may struggle with from building from the back, finishing in the final third, keeping possession or fitness ect… EST is here to help. 

What Our players say

Coach Mike is the best! His training is always high intensity and he pushes me to be better every session.


Before Coach Mike, our team wasn't doing very well. After 1 season, we won the league and a few tournaments. We improved a lot!


Training was always intense and technical. Coach Mike pushed me to do better every session but still made sure we had fun.


I trained with Coach Mike for a few years and after our sessions I was more confident on the field.


"High Performance Personalized Training."

We pride ourselves on providing the best training possible. As I went through the system from a young age, one of the main things I was missing was high intensity individual training. Clubs and Academies do a great job of providing structured team sessions but often lack the individual attention and focus needed to fully develop as a player. EST was created to work in combination with your club/academy training to provide all the tools necessary to excel at the next level. 


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