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Our mission and sole purpose at Elite Soccer Training & Coaching is to provide student athletes with the correct guidance and support for those looking to receive a scholarship to a post-secondary institution in the US (NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA) or here in Canada (U Sports, CCAA) as well as offer high intensity individual/group training sessions with professional and experienced coaches.

We walk our student athletes step by step through the recruiting process allowing them to focus on their academics and development as a player. From our initial assessment to the day you sign your letter of intent, EST will be there to guide and advise you along the way.

EST will provide a player assessment, coach e-mail lists, template e-mails to send to coaches, highlight video creation, showcase networking, NCAA clearing house assistance, SAT preparation and scholarship offer evaluations. EST also works with players who are already at a post-secondary institution who wish to transfer. We want to make sure that our student athletes not only receive scholarship offers but they accept the RIGHT offer. With over 1,500 post-secondary institutions EST explores every option to make sure we find the school that best fits our student athlete.

In addition to scholarship advising EST provides high intensity small group and individual training sessions. Players looking to play soccer at the collegiate level should be participating in additional training sessions outside of their normal club/academy schedule. Our training sessions are designed to give our players maximum touches while re-creating game situations focusing on individual technique/awareness, ball mastery, finishing, speed/agility and strengthening. Our student athletes are given the individual attention needed, that they may not get during their team training sessions, in order to reach their full potential as a player.

To be clear Elite Soccer Training & Coaching was created to work WITH individuals, clubs and academies to provide scholarship opportunities and additional training for prospective collegiate soccer players. We believe in working together with clubs and academies to help better the development, growth and ultimate success of young Canadian soccer players.

“From our initial assessment, to the day you sign your letter of intent, EST will be there to guide and advise you along the way “

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