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Elite Soccer Training provides high intensity private and group training sessions needed to bring your game to the next level. Our sessions are designed to give our student-athletes the individual attention necessary to reach their full potential. 

We also walk our student-athletes step by step through the scholarship process, allowing them to focus on their academics and training. We work closely together with our student-athletes to find them the best fitting school and soccer program. 

With over 1,700 schools in the NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, U Sports and OCAA there are realistic opportunities to play soccer at the collegiate level on scholarship!

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Head trainer Michael Valenti playing in League 1 against Toronto FC


Michael Valenti is a former NCAA and semi-professional soccer player with over 20 years of playing experience that includes playing for Wilmington University (NCAA), Dakota County Tech. (NJCAA), Masters FA ( League 1 Ontario), Aurora FC ( League 1 Ontario).  

After his playing career , Michael has shifted his focus to coaching and training youth soccer players in the GTA and York Region. From going down the scholarship route himself, Michael learned first hand exactly what it takes to obtain a scholarship and excel as a student-athlete. 

Michael has now made it his passion and mission to help younger soccer players explore the possibilities of receiving a scholarship to play collegiate soccer. 

“I know how difficult and confusing it was for me when I was going through the process. I wish I had something like EST to guide me along the way when I was younger. With EST, players can solely focus on their development and academics.” 

– Coach Mike


Most frequent questions and answers

While the NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA and U Sports have their own sets of recruitment rules and dates, it’s never too early to start thinking and planning for recruitment. 

Coaches are always looking for the best players, even if they can’t reach out to you directly, they may have already made you a potential target. 

NCAA Div I rules allow players to begin contacting coaches in their sophomore year of high school ( grade 10). Coaches can begin contacting players September 1st of their junior year ( grade 11). Again, coaches may be already be looking at you before these dates. 

EST Recommends that you begin the process in grade 9. 

EST offers high intensity player specific training sessions that focus on the individual players needs. Our sessions are designed to improve individual on-ball technique (passing, receiving, dribbling, finishing) as well as fitness, agility, strengthening and coordination, helping our players to improve in every area. 

Whether it’s a private 1-on-1 session or a group session, each player is given personal attention and gets the necessary number of touches/repetition needed to reach a players full potential. 

Training with EST regularly combined with your normal club/academy training will set you up to excel at the next level. 

No, a common misconception is that NCAA Div I and Div II are the only divisions that offer scholarships. 

While NCAA Div III schools can not offer ATHLETIC scholarships, they can still offer ACADEMIC scholarships and different packages based on the student-athletes financial needs. 

NAIA and NJCAA schools can offer athletic and academic scholarships as well. 

U Sports and CCAA schools here in a Canada can also provide some scholarship money for its student-athletes. At EST we encourage our student-athletes to look at every division and option to find the program that best fits them. 

Of course the better your grades, the better chance you have of receiving a scholarship. 

For example a player with a very high average may be eligible for an ACADEMIC scholarship, meaning the coach can save ATHLETIC scholarship money for another player. Coaches are much more likely to bring in a player with good grades for this reason.

However, with that being said there are still options for players who have a lower average. The NJCAA ( National Junior College Athletic Association) can offer athletic scholarships and provides a great option for these players. Players can adjust to college academics while still playing collegiate level soccer and then transfer to a NCAA university. 

At EST we believe in order for a player to reach their full potential they should be training a minimum 5-6 times per week, giving yourself a day or two off for recovery.

EST works around your club/academy schedule allowing players to train with us on “Off days” from their teams training, building a solid platform for development. 


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